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Looking after the bees is an important job, but we believe that the most important part of our job is education! What better way to learn about bees and their keepers then to have a beekeeper teach you. We have had the pleasure of speaking at many different venues; Tiny Township Farm Crawl, Farm Fresh Food Fest, Wye Marsh Wildlife Center, The Villa. We made presentations at local schools, clubs and even managed to get on TV a couple times (“I Love My Job” TVO kids)! Educating the public about the importance of our honey bees and native bees is just one aspect of the large web of knowledge associated with beekeeping. We can accommodate all ages and can even have your presentation done in French.
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Swarm Removal

Do you have a swarm or nest of honey bees on your property? Before you call, please make sure that they really are honey bees. We will not remove any native species unless the nest is in a location too close to human activities (door frames, children’s play area,). There will be a service fee for removing native bees or wasp’s nests. Swarming is a natural part of the honey bee’s life cycle. Honey bees in a swarm are generally not aggressive unless they are being agitated. If you have a swarm of bees that can be easily removed don’t hesitate to call right away, a swarm may only stay in that area for only 1 to 2 days.

How to Identify a Honey Bee

Here in Ontario there are 400 different species of native bees! Can you spot the difference between those native bees and the introduced honey bee? Here are a few examples of other buzzing bees;

Honey Bee Image

Honey Bee

  • The bee that helps the most
  • Excellent pollinator
  • Very Friendly
  • Can only sting once
Bumble Bee Image

Bumble Bee

  • Also pollinates very well
  • So fat it shouldn’t be able to fly
  • Will let you pet it without getting agitated
  • Actually a flying panda
Carpenter Bee Image

Carpenter Bee

  • Acts tough but can’t actually hurt you
  • Has no concept of glass
  • Lives in your fence
  • Flies aggressively to try to scare you 
Paper Wasp Image

Paper Wasp

  • Looks scary but only attacks when provoked
  • Sting hurts like a banshee
  • Will chase you if you swat at it
  • Has no concept of personal space
Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket

  • Wants your food and will fight you for it
  • Never leaves you alone
  • Will sting you just because
  • Total Jerk