985 Concession 18 West
Tiny, ON L9M 0J1

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2024 Events (pending)

Sweet Water Harvest

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre
March 23 & 24

Maple Syrup Festival

Elmvale Rec Centre 

Festival Du Loup

Noel au Village

2024 Markets

To Be Announced

Where to find Lady D's products

Wye Marsh Gift Shop

16160 Hwy 12 Midland

Farm to Door

Tiny Hub

520 Cedar Point Rd, Tiny, ON L9M 0H1

Where to find Bonnie Bee products

Wendy B's Fine Foods

336 Lafontaine road west

T's Market

345 Lafontaine road west

Tiny Treats

745 Concession 16 west

Lapage Fishery

6 Lafontaine road East

Wye Marsh Gift Shop

16160 Hwy 12 Midland

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