Lady D's

Lady D’s was established in 2018. Although the business is new, the keeper and her bees have been working together for over 10 years.
Lady D’s is proudly owned and operated by Denise Graham of Wyebridge. Denise’s vision for Lady D’s is to one day provide a safe haven for our pollinators so that they can forage for pollen and nectar without the worry of habitat loss or the dangers of pesticides.

Lady D’s products are made with natural ingredients. From our goats milk oatmeal and honey soap to our popular eco friendly beeswax food wraps, we are determined to give our customers a product that has natural ingredients as well as being environmentally friendly.

Our Mission

At Lady D’s we are determined to help our buzzing friends and education is at the top of our list. Most importantly teaching others about honey bees, our native bees and the benefits that they provide us. We believe that this is key, not just for the wellbeing of future bees but also for our own existence.

The Beekeepers

Owner, Denise Graham, is a second generation beekeeper. Denise has been immersed in beekeeping since a young age. Her father, Joseph DeVillers of Bonnie Bee Honey in Lafontaine began keeping bees in 1981 and has been her mentor and her inspiration for continuing the passion of beekeeping. Beekeeping wasn’t always in her plans, she attended Durham College and received her diploma in Graphic Design.

It only took a couple years for Denise to realize that she would never be happy working behind a desk. The outdoors was calling. She found the perfect job at the Wye Marsh in Midland as an Animal Care Technician. She immediately fell in love with all that Wye Marsh had to offer including their honey bees. After 7 years at the Wye Marsh, Denise decided to change her career and join her father in the world of beekeeping. You can still find Denise at the Wye Marsh but now as their beekeeper!
Not only does Denise help with Bonnie Bee Honey but she also launched her own business, Lady D’s, where she produces lip balms, bee balms, soap, and other bee related products.
Together, Bonnie Bee Honey and Lady D’s are working hard to provide fresh local honey and spreading the love of bees to their community.